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Manage the Entire Supply Chain on ServiceNow with Scoped Certified Applications from Stave.

Stop focusing on implementing complex, standalone IT systems and start innovating in your business. Stave’s business apps provide the foundation for digital transformation in your organization. Business apps simplify back-end IT deployment by leveraging your existing investment in existing cloud platforms to easily deploy digital solutions that can change the way your organization does work. Stave Apps provide a full range of benefits including:

Fast Deployment

Easy to Use

Fully Supported

Scalable & Upgradable

Tested & Certified

More Secure

Complete Documentation

Extend Exsiting IT Investment

Digital Solutions to Transform the Way You Work


Digital procurement from requisition to purchase to payment


Run your department like a business – plan, operate, and automate with end-to-end automation and analytics

stave service now apps on mobile


Modern asset and inventory tracking, management, and maintenance

UX Tools

Change the way you secure and manage your digital resources and systems

ProcurementPath dashboard

Stave ProcurementPath: The #1 procurement software on ServiceNow

ProcurementPath gives your procurement team a fully automated source-to-settle, procure-to-pay, and vendor management solution to modernize how procurement runs.  Key benefits include:

  • A truly digital procurement experience
  • Self-service and request tracking
  • Automated workflows and reporting
  • End to end request and spend visibility
  • Single contracts repository
  • Enhanced vendor compliance and risk management

Our procurement software also has additional capabilities that your procurement staff will appreciate. It has intuitive self-service capability, which places your user in control of their procurement experience. On top of that, it has ERP integration, allowing users to fully integrate our program with the organization’s ERP and other major systems.

When it comes to ServiceNow add-ons, our procurement software fully integrates with ServiceNow Vendor Performance Management and ServiceNow Vendor Risk Management.  Count on our program to give your enterprise a more competitive edge in the marketplace.  

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Built on the ServiceNow platform, Stave automatically gives you and your organization a complete, ready-to-use capability to improve customer experience, increase your pace of innovation, and enable digital transformation of the workplace.


ServiceNow’s Nonstop Cloud is always on - the multi-instance, geographically high available architecture has no downtime or need to go offline


Recently named by Forbes the #1 World’s Most Innovative company, ServiceNow delivers simplicity and customizability to enable digital transformation


Comprehensive geographic compliance with all major certifications including ISO 27000, SSAE SOC 1, SOC 2, GDPR, and more

Our ProcurementPath app is available at the ServiceNow app store. We build apps that integrate easily with the ServiceNow platform. This makes it an excellent addition for organizations that have invested in ServiceNow. On top of that, ServiceNow platform owners do not have to purchase enterprise-level software to conduct security assessments.

If you are a platform owner of ServiceNow, rest assured that our app, which you can buy from the ServiceNow company store, can get your organization to scale quicker, easier, and more cost-effectively than anyone else.

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