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Stave’s business solutions provide the foundation for digital transformation in your organization.

Our products simplify back-end IT deployment by leveraging your existing investment in existing cloud platforms to easily deploy digital solutions that can change the way your organization does work.

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Fast Deployment

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Digital Solutions to Transform the Way You Work

Digital Solutions


Digital Procurement including procure-to-pay, contracts, sourcing, vendor management, and spend dashboards.


End-to-end oerational compliance solution for NIST SP 800-37 Risk Management Framework (RMF)

Asset Management

Modern asset and inventory tracking, management, and maintenance.

Platform Tools

Change the way you secure and manage your digital resources and systems.

Stave Procurement

Procurement Lifecycle Management for ServiceNow

Stave Procurement gives your team a complete procurement lifecycle solution including procure-to-pay, sourcing, contract management, and vendor management.

Key Features

A modern digital procurement experience

Self-service and request tracking

Automated workflows and reporting

End to end request and spend visibility

Single contract repository

Enhanced vendor compliance and risk management

Stave Procurement

Our procurement solution also has additional capabilities that your procurement staff will appreciate. It has intuitive self-service capability, which places your users in control of their procurement experience. 

When it comes to ServiceNow add-ons, our procurement software can integrate with ServiceNow Vendor Performance Management and ServiceNow Vendor Risk Management. 

Stave Asset Manager

ServiceNow Asset Management from Acquisition to Disposition
Stave Asset Manager is an easy to use tool to manage the physical assets life cycle across an organization from procurement, commissioning, operations, replacement and decommissioning.

Key Features

Increase asset visibility, tracking and lifecycle management

Increase asset availability, reliability and lifespan

Increase productivity through an easy-to-use, task-focused mobile user experience

Warehouse management workflows

Save money through reduced labor, inventory, and material costs

Real-time information with reporting and dashboards

Stave Asset Manager

From equipment to tools, furniture to facilities and all the assets inside them, Stave Asset Manager is an easy to use tool to manage the physical assets life cycle across an organization from procurement, commissioning, operations, replacement and decommissioning. Leave spreadsheets and paper forms behind and manage your assets with a secure, scalable and easy-to-use solution that improves efficiency and decreases operating costs.

Stave Cybersecurity Manager

NIST SP 800-37 Risk Management Framework (RMF) Compliance for ServiceNow

Stave Cybersecurity Manager automates security and compliance workflows with guided step-by-step processes and a comprehensive System Security Package (SSP)

Key Features

A modern and intuitive user experience

Automate RMF processes for NIST or DOD based systems

Automatic POA&M Generation

STIG Libraries & Checklists

Monitor & Track IAVA and IAVB Reports

Enhanced Reporting

Stave Cybersecurity Manager

Our security solution also has additional capabilities that your team will appreciate:

  • Assessment & Authorization (A&A) process requirements complete in hours
  • Document and download a complete System Security Package (SSP) for review, auditing and submission
  • Reduction of overall IT and security risk and improved protection posture

When it comes to ServiceNow our security solutions can integrate with ServiceNow GRC and other products as needed.

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We’re Built on Now

Built on the ServiceNow platform, Stave gives you and your organization a complete, ready-to-use solution set to improve customer experience, increase your pace of innovation, and enable digital transformation.

World Class Infrastructure

ServiceNow’s Cloud is always on - the multi-instance, geographically high available architecture has no downtime or needs to go offline


Recently named by Forbes the #1 World’s Most Innovative Company, ServiceNow delivers simplicity and customizability to enable digital transformation

Compliance In Any Industry

Comprehensive geographic compliance with all major certifications including ISO 27000, SSAE SOC 1, SOC 2, GDPR, and more.

Stave Procurement & Stave Cybersecurity Manager on the ServiceNow Store

We build apps that are powered by the ServiceNow platform. This makes it an excellent addition for organizations that have invested in ServiceNow. On top of that, ServiceNow platform owners do not have to purchase enterprise-level software to conduct security assessments.

If you are a procurement specialist, security expert, or a ServiceNow platform owner, Stave Procurement and Stave Cybersecurity Manager can help optimize your processes, and allow your operation to scale quicker, easier, and more cost-effectively than standalone solutions.

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