About Us

What We Do

Stave builds ServiceNow platform Apps that help clients Simplify Work and empower their regular users to interact with the Organization’s process, resources, assets, and data in a digital way.

Brands that Trust Us

Apps With Focused, Intuitive, Easy-To-Use Interfaces

Provided by Stave as a solution to help users overwhelmed by organizational complexity, information overload, and a non-stop 24/7 work environment.

Making Work: Simple

We focus on making work simple and helping regular users interact with their organization’s processes, resources, assets, and data in a digital way.

Our Mission

Most organizations’ data is locked away; inaccessible and the systems that control the data are difficult to use and aren’t available to the functional user.

Stave’s mission is to help organizations actualize their digital services.

Creating and delivering industry-specific software and solutions that enable an end-to-end digital experience.

Enabling your functional users to drive business value from their data that has previously been inaccessible.

Making the data available, intuitive, and actionable to drive business value and not work around the data.

What We Deliver

Business Function And Department-Specific Applications

Digital Solutions

Integrated Self-Service, Workflow, And Automation

Accessible From Everywhere, Anytime

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Unleash The Power Of Your Organization’s Data

So that employees can collaborate, execute, and deliver information in real-time.