Stave & ServiceNow - Extending The Enterprise Cloud

Best in class, line of business innovation with Stave and ServiceNow

Stave Apps and ServiceNow - Successful Partnership


ServiceNow and Stave share a common focus on several key strategic imperatives:

  • Customer experience
  • Rapid page of innovation
  • Standards-based architecture

This partnership allows Stave to focus on its core competency of building the best enterprise applications for our customers, who in turn benefit from ServiceNow, the most advanced enterprise cloud platform.

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With each Stave App, our customers have access to functional and industry suites backed by practical application and continuously enhanced with the latest innovations, from mobile access and social technologies to market-driven analytics. Stave has invested in providing customers with the best functionality, security, reliability and service, all grouped in Suites optimized for them.


A large part of this investment is our partnership with ServiceNow. Stave engages the ServiceNow cloud infrastructure to allow customers to benefit from ServiceNow’s expertise and economies of scale. Companies can access resources when they need them, on demand and with auto-scaling built into the Stave applications. Stave has built a robust base service and application layer that leverages the ServiceNow platform for functional and industry-specific cloud applications.

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Extending The Enterprise Cloud

Deploy in one of the most secure cloud environments available, providing visibility and control that’s trusted by the US federal government and enterprises around the world.

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