ServiceNow UX Tools

Stave’s UX Tools for ServiceNow enable organizations to rapidly enhance the ServiceNow user experience

Create Professional and Lasting ServiceNow User Experiences with a Full Set of UX Tools and Utilities

Rapidly deploy enterprise look and feel portals and user experience design elements in a fraction of the time and cost with Stave’ s UX and Service Portal tools and utilities. Stave provides UX tools for ServiceNow’s Service Portal for Enterprise and Express and CMS+ for your legacy ServiceNow CMS portals.

Benefits Include

  • Rapidly deploy UX solutions for ServicePortal to meet the needs of current and future users
  • Focused on Users’ experience rather than technology to increase adoption rates
  • Time-to-value and realization up to 20x faster than with Agile coding
  • Tested and Certified by ServiceNow; available on the Store
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Pre-built ServiceNow portals and widgets

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Enterprise Service Portal in a fraction of the time.

Rapidly deploy user-centric portals to your customers to deliver an amazing and easy to use experience Stave’s PortalMax. PortalMax provides a collection of portals, themes, widgets, and templates designed to enhance the user experience.

The PortalMax application for ServiceNow provides a drop-in extension to the ServiceNow Service Portal application that allows organizations to develop sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile-first front-end portals using a point-and-click environment. PortalMax takes care of the most-common implementations of Angular, Jelly, HTML, and CSS and allows users to focus on function and design.

Stave’s PortalMax application provides a dynamic self-service portal that includes Service Request Management, Knowledge Management, and Service Catalog portal design for end users.

Administrators can easily configure it to match their company brand, color schemes, and show different information on a widget quickly and easily. Portals are fully responsive, and require minimum to no coding for development and editing.

With PortalMax users will immediately have additional Templates, Content Blocks, custom fonts, and automatic Responsive Design. These features ensure your portal(s) will look great on any sized device – desktops to tablets to iPhones.

Key Features

  • 4 turn-key portals
  • Over 10 new widgets including charts
  • Over 16 color themes
  • Additional templates, content blocks, custom fonts


  • Rapidly Deploy Enterprise Service Portals
  • Fully responsive design for mobile and desktop devices
  • Configurable by ServiceNow administrators