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FITARA Manager

FITARA Manager to manage your Common Baselines, produce reports, assign and publish organizational delegation, manage human capital development, and collaborate on risk management & mitigation. The Stave FITARA Manager allows you integrate your portfolio management, PortfolioStat, and Transparency activities along with your legacy systems into a single solution.

Business Capabilities Enabled.

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Compliance.Ensure compliance with FITARA compliance – including reporting requirements and downstream operational regulations.


Transparency.Use FITARA Manager with your data and IT financial management tools to provide integrated reports of the service, customers, run-the-business/grow-the-business costs, and additional costs. Provides understand of how your organization’s spending aligns to you mission.

Risk Management.

Risk Management.Use FITARA Manager to manage Enterprise, Operational, and Program/Project risks. Mitigate risks with collaborative approaches to identify, visualize, and coordinate on risk resolution.

Increased Accountability.

Increased Accountability.Provide better accountability for IT cost, schedule, performance, and security through formalized planning, programming, budget and execution

Dashboard and Reporting.

Dashboard and Reporting.Customized dashboards and reports to give you real-time view into your organization’s management activities, portfolio & project management status, transparency and reporting initiatives, and other key IT activities.

Core OperationsPath Features

Baseline Creation and Management.

Baseline Creation and Management.

Digitally define and publish or roles, responsibilities, and authorities of the agency CIO and the roles and responsibilities of other senior leaders in managing IT as a strategic resource

Self-Assessment and Plan Management.

Self-Assessment and Plan Management.

Collaboration evaluation of your organization to identify gaps and document plan(s) for improvement or enhancement.

Organizational Assignments.

Organizational Assignments.

Create and post organizational assignments, complete with delegation of roles and responsibilities.

FITARA Report Generation.

FITARA Report Generation.

Automatically generate your print-ready FITARA reporting requirements to eliminate the time spent on formatting and wrestling with document management, improve efficiency, and reduce mistakes and errors.

Highlighted Resources

FITARA Manager Info Sheet

Be guided through the entire Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) compliance activity process for U.S. Government IT organizations.


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