The First End User Portal for ServiceNow Express is Live

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We’re pleased to announce the immediate release of Stave’s Express Portal application.  We’re proud to be one of the first 6 applications available on the ServiceNow Store exclusively for the Express Edition of the platform.

Express Portal is our pre-configured, ready-to-deploy solution to instantly provide every ServiceNow Express deployment with a good-looking and easy-to-use end-user self-service portal.  Now, using a branded web portal users can:

  • View the pending Approvals that require their attention
  • View the Incidents & Requests they’ve previous initiated
  • Browse the Knowledge Base and Service Catalogs in a fast, intuitive way
  • Visit the Live Feed and communicate across their teams and company
  • Brand and modify the look and feel to best suite their business needs

Self-service is HUGE and can reduce call volumes to your IT department by upwards of 70%.  It’s also the preferred way customers want to interact with their business.

Download Express Portal today for a free trial or reach out for a live demo, and please check out the sample screenshots below:



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