Digital Citizen Engagement and 311

Digitalize and automate the delivery of services to the public

Modern Government Self-Service, Request Management, and Automation

Digital 311 & Constituent Service Management starts where legacy 311 systems stop – providing a fully integrated solution that delivers all of the features of Service management, Customer relationship management, Field service, and Case management in one integrated solution.

Provide your constituents and residents modern digital capabilities including:

  • Self Service
  • Incident Management
  • Service Request and Permit/License Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Managed Communication and Broadcasting

Automate and transform how your organization manages workloads with integrated workflows based on Case Management, Bill Payment, License Applications & Renewal Processing, Infrastructure Repair Validation, Work Orders, and more.

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Better Experience

Provide better service to constituents, through more accurate, complete, and consistent information

Responsive Government

Increase success in communications and interactions with constituents, businesses, organizations, and other users

Reduced Cost

Proactively enable citizens through automation results in reduced labor and cost

Easy to Use

Consumer experience has a simplified interface that self-explanatory and easy to use


End to end visibility of the requests and incidents being asked of your organization

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Request And Case Transparency

Enables enterprise visibility and governance of the end-to-end request and resulting execution.

Custom Branded Portal

As a key component of your Integrated Digital Experience.

Relationship Management

Manage the relationship between your organization and your internal or external customers, your partners, and other organizations.

Managed Communications

Structured communication, including email, social media, website posting, instant messaging, and text messages to communicate with your communities.

Empowered Self-Service Knowledge Management

Share information both internally and with your users using knowledge bases. Provide self-help, documentation, reference information, templates, troubleshooting information, and more.

Self Service & Request Management

Provide a digital self-service capability for the citizen to automate requests, permitting, licensing, information requests, and incident reporting. Automated workflows, enable requests routed, assigned, monitored, and executed through completion.

Case Management

Track all requests within your municipality, eradicate silos between departments and monitor resolution rates and response times. Improve the performance of your organization and collaborate to manage and resolve problems, claims, requests, proposals, development, or other complex activities.

Taskers And Work Orders

Assign work orders or other tasks to your staff, field personnel, or others within the organization. Provide them with full mobile access to digital records to quickly address and complete the assigned tasks.

Workforce Management

Manage your workforce availability, capabilities, skills, talent management, career planning, and crisis preparedness all in one place.

Modern Platform Capabilities

All Stave application suites include features such as Surveys, Request Collaboration, and more.

ERP and GIS Integration

Stave OperationsPath can integrate seamlessly with your ERP to offer you a combined view of information and a cohesive central platform for all requests, relationships, and operations.

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