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Scope Evaluator

Stave Scope Evaluator scans your ServiceNow® instance and provides a report of all artifacts that need to be moved into scope.

Scoping an application ensures data protection, system administrator segregation, checks and balances between applications, and compliance with out-of-the-box applications.

Placing an application into scope has historically been an expensive and time-consuming process.  With the Stave Scope Evaluator, what previously took months to complete can be accomplished in a matter of hours.

Key Benefits

• Dramatically reduced time in migrating custom code into a scoped ServiceNow application

• Scope out-of-the-box ServiceNow apps for increased security and data control.

• Increased privacy with the ability to segregate system administrators against different personal data.

• Remain compatible with platform upgrades and ensure your custom apps will continue to work in the future

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Artifact Analysis

Artifact AnalysisTrack all artifacts — tables, scripts, catalogs, and portals — in your instance automatically and identify what is outside a scope, potentially leaking data.

Report Generation

Report GenerationAll elements identified during analysis are presented clearly and comprehensively in a list report.

Full or Phased Migration

Full or Phased MigrationDecide if you prefer to migrate to scope all at once, or in phases. Evaluation can be re-run multiple times during the course of implementation.

Scope All Code and Artifacts

Scope All Code and ArtifactsIdentify all code and artifacts in your scoping exercise, and decide what should be moved to scope.

Scope Default ServiceNow® Apps

Scope Default ServiceNow® AppsMigrate any out-of-the-box ServiceNow app from Global to scope, such as Human Resources or Customer Service Management.

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Dramatically Reduce the Time Required to Scope an App in ServiceNow

Dramatically Reduce the Time Required to Scope an App in ServiceNow

Do you need to migrate from a non-scope platform to a scoped app? Not sure what you need to do to make it happen? The Stave Scope Evaluator Tool is a utility used to run an analysis of a ServiceNow instance to determine what needs to be updated to migrate a global application to a scope application. To use the tool, input a list of tables that require analyzing. The application evaluates all the script and rules referenced in the input tables. In addition to locating dependencies, the tool generates a list of records with references to the original records. Results may be viewed below the report in a related list or within the results table.

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